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To be released AT the festival  DELAND ORIGINAL MUSIC FESTIVAL- 0CT 9TH, 2004 while quanities last at the

Artist On The CD:

1. The Metric System "Why" Hometown: Orlando, FL Web Site: www.themetricsystem.org  
2. Gailforce "Catchme A Rainbow Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL Website:www.gailforceband.com
3. James Horning "U-Lied" Hometown: Orlando, FL Website: www.broadjam.com/jameshorning 
4. Logan's Run "Frontier Man" Hometown: Orlando, FL Website: www.cspringmusic.com
5. Fylo Zoet & the Owl "Windswept Highway"" Hometown: Daytona Beach,, FL Website:www.fylozoet.com
6.No Harm Done "Don’t Follow On" Hometown: Deltona, FL www.noharmdoneband.com 
7. Tunesmiths "Money For Bait" Hometown: Daytona Beach Website: http://www.vlastudios.com
8. Dan Walters "I Don't Mind" Hometown:  Orange City, FL Website: , www.ssa.cc/danwalters.htm  
9. Shoney Lamar"Folksinger" Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL Website: www.ssa.cc/shoney.htm 
10. PRC-77 "Keep Talking" Hometown: Melbourne, FL Website: http://www.prc77.com
11. Gail Carson"One Last Time" Hometown: Palm Coast, FL Website: http://ssa.cc/gail.htm
12. Left of Gray "Waiting For Jane" Hometown: Orlando, FL  Website:
13. Mel & the Chronics  Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL Website: www.ssa.cc/mel.htm
14. Fireflight "Call" Hometown: Orlando, FL Website: www.fireflightrock.com 
15. Dan Cribbin " We've Come to Privatize Your Florida State Parks"   Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL Website: www.ssa.cc/dan.htm
16. The Skeeters " Get Rednekked Hometown: DeLand, FL Website:  www.theskeeterz.com 
17. Rich the Sales Guy "Busted In" Hometown: Daytona Beach, FLWebsite: www.ssa.cc/richaldinger.htm
18. Elizabeth Roth "Platos Regret" Hometown: St Augustine, FL Website: www.elizabethroth.com 
19. Amy Steinberg "Just One Kiss" Hometown: Orlando, FL Website: www.theamysteinbergband.com
20. Hawkeye "Every Minute of the Day Hometown: Orlando, FL Website: www.hawkeye.cc 
21. Coma Vera "Null Ability" Hometown: Orlando, FL Website: www.comavera.com

Confirmed artists click here to verify your submissions



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