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SSA Event Archive Directory
Since 1999 the SSA has presented over 1,000 acts at over 500 shows!
The annual DeLand Original Music Festival  features over 75 acts during  the 12 hour one day event.
Below is a listings of photos of some of the events held.

2003 Music Awards Interview

(Photos and reviews of some of the past SSA events)
DeLand 2008 Fest Photos
Christmas 06
DeLand 6th Annual
Art In The.Park Ormond Beach , FL 4-22,4/23 2006
DeLand Original Music Festival & 2005 SSA

4th Annual DeLand Original Music Festival
& 2004 SSA Music Awards
Baileys Acoustic Concert Series- Seasonal Concert Series (Fall 2004)
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Beachside Live Music Festival JUNE 2004 Featured over 70acts
Tirnanogs Pub- weekly series(Daytona Beach) 2004-2005
2003 3rd Annual SSA Music Awards (featured  18  live performances and 32 award presentations)
5-30-04 Memorial Day Showcase (featured 4 acts)
Ormond Beach May Art in the Park Fest (Casements) (Featured 20 acts)
NYC's Sponsored Shows (Singer Songwriter Sessions- features over 30 acts monthly)
Daytona's MainStreet Live Festival April 2003 (featured over 50 acts)
SSA Radio Launch 3-01-03
CD Release VOL. 3   @ THE SOCIAL-ORL.FL(featuring 10 acts)
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O-Live (Orlando Venue Tour Series)2002 featured over 40 acts
2nd Annual DeLand Original Music Festival Oct 2002 (featured over 80 acts)
2002 2nd Annual Award Show (featured 22 live performances and 32 award presentations)
Misc. Events Jan02-May02
1st Annual Deland Original Music Festival- Sept 2001 (featured over 65 acts)
Misc. Events: July01-Dec01
House of Blues Shows 5/14/01 & 6/18/01 (featured 20 acts)
Misc. Events: March-April2001
Misc. Events: Jan,Feb 2001
Misc. Events Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec(2000) (Including Anniversary Show Fest featuring 32 acts)
Misc. Events May,June,July,Aug,(2000) Reviews
Port Orange St. Patrick's Day Festival 2003 (2 Day Event)(Featured 15 acts)
Port Orange St. Patrick's Day Festival 2002(2 Day Event)(Featured 18 acts)
Ormond Beach's Summer Sounds 2001 & 2002 (6 Acts)
Freinds of the Bandshell 2001 & 2002 ((6 Acts)

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