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Hometown: Orlando, FL
Genra: Americana Rock


Bing Futch (lead vocals, Appalachian mountain dulcimer) - After serving as bassist for TEACHER'S AIDE in 1984, he went on to found a Christian techno-punk group called CRAZED BUNNYZ that enjoyed moderate success and infamy in the late 80's underground CCM scene. Since the demise of that band, he has concentrated on solo work and music for film and television.

McGyver (drums/percussion and vocals) - He played drums for progressive rock bands RISK and BROKEN SILENCE in the 80's before getting behind the console as engineer for M4 Radio on both AM radio and the internet in Florida. When Bing joined the M4 crew as a host, the beginnings of a lifelong friendship (and a band) had been sealed.

Randy Kemp (bass and vocals) - Randy has been active in music for years, jamming in a number of bands including CALAMITY JANE, THE SHRUBS, RED CLUB and NAKED HEAD. Originally a drummer, Randy switched to bass a few years ago and hasn't looked back since.

Carolyn "Bunky" Garrabrant (vocals, melodica, trumpet, pennywhistle) - Though quite shy in person, the girl known as "Bunky" is a powerhouse player, singer and songwriter in her own right who brings a formidable magic to the band. Her ever-increasing arsenal of instruments enhance the eclectic nature of MOHAVE.

Automatic John (vocals, keyboards, harmonica) - John performed in RED CLUB and is marking his return to the stage after a conspicuous absence from the central Florida music scene. His mastery on the keys and mouth harp provide emotional heft for MOHAVE's dramatic music.





Registered Date: 3-04

Active Date: 9-02

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