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SSA Objectives:
To provide the following services  for original music artist on a LOCAL, REGIONAL & NATIONAL level

  • Increase the level of performance opportunities for songwriters and original bands.

  • Enhance the level of networking opportunities for artists.

  • Enhance the level of  income opportunities for active songwriters and original bands. 

  • Increase the opportunities for original artist to excel in the music business.

  • Promote  artists through, performances and website exposure.

  • Provide venues, city events, and civic organization etc. a form of
    quality entertainment by coordinating from start to finish its complete production.  

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The SSA Revolution

About the founder:

Let me tell you a little bit about my self and why I started the SSA. I am a singer songwriter/multi musician who grew up in Daytona Beach, FL an area which has been a deprived area for original music artists. I found myself not going any where year after year stuck in an area that caters to tourism and not towards the art of making music. After being pushed to the edge many of times I finally found myself in a  situation to take maters into my own hands. With the goal not only to help myself but also help other artist the SSA was born. The founding principles are based merely on the simple notion to create additional outlets for songwriters and  bands to perform their music.

Since the very beginning of starting the SSA, I have had the privilege to meet so many talented and wonderful people. 

Since those very first shows in the fall of 1999 the organization has grown  well in the Central, FL area. Our most successful events have been our larger annual music festivals and our annual music awards show.


Phil Weidner
SSA Founder/ President






Phil Weidner











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