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Location: Daytona Beach, FL


Fylo Zoet & The Owls uses the songwriting and multi instrumentation of Fylo Zoet backed along with a  multi faceted group of artist including (when available) lead guitarist Rodney Dorrough, Drummer Matt Miller, and Bassist Jim Faulk, Eric Bodrough, & Rich the Sales Guy  as well as other guests.

A Solo CD "Halloween" was released in May 2002 which consist of some of the original Owl members as well as other artist including Logan Belle, Shawn James, Mark Chiriboga and Amy Mullins among others.

A Full length CD from Fylo Zoet & The Owls entitled Over-Time was released in the beginning of 2004. Guest artist on the CD include Jamie Tauler- drums, Chris Cuchetti-drums and Vince Legut- bass and coproduced by Vince Legut.

The group received many nominations for 2003 SSA's Music Awards including Band of the Year, Song of the Year, & Political Song Of the Year among others and was awarded the recipient for Political Song of The Year "What Happen to the M?" A song about the state of  music television. He also was  awarded the 2006 SSA Country Song of the Year award for "Checkered Flag"


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