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Photo's of the 2002 DeLand Original Music Festival

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Photo's by Chuck Harn

Stage 1 Court House Main, Stage Stage 2 Indian Ave (2nd Main Stage Stage) Stage  3&4  Dublin Station,    Stage 5 Fish Tales, Stage 6 Halftimes, Stage 7 Pioneer Park (3rd Main Stage) Stage 8, Perks Coffee Connection, Stage 9 Happy Daze, Stage 10 Blind Pig Pub, Stage11 Steve's Downtown Music, Stage 12 Old Masonic Temple, Stage 13 & 14 Artisan Inn,

Stage 8 Logan Belle
Stage 4
Mark Luckenbach,
Joseph Martens
Stage 2
Bonnie Lee lewis

Stage 1 Goldminers
Stage 4
Sharon Resnick

Stage 2 FunkUs
Stage 7 Charlie Gear

Stage 1:  Logan Belle

Stage 1: Bandees

Stage 2: Serina Jung

Stage 7 Orion Star Birth

Stage 1: The Diligents

Stage 4 Pugsley Sinclair

Stage 2:  Beautiful Mess

Stage7: AcoustiCon

Stage 2:  Lady Lee

Stage 1 Dan walters
Stage 7: Mark Chiriboga

Stage 7 TJ Evans

Stage 1:
The Jeff Coffey Band

Stage 2: fylo zoet

gutarist Rodney Dorrough

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