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Charlie Gear









Hometown: DeLand, FL
Genre: New Age Jazz/Rock

Violin plus background tracks

Bio:  A native Floridian, born in Kissimmee, Charlie began playing the violin at age 18. He was unable to pursue formal training, but did take early lessons with David Davidson, a now well-known studio violinist in the Nashville area, and also of fame as a Celtic artist. His early interest in playing stemmed from hearing non-traditional violinists, such as David La Flame (It's a Beautiful Day), Don "Sugarcane" Harris (John Mayal), and Papa John Creech (Jefferson Airplane), as well as the direction Jerry Goodman was pursuing. His favorite composers are Ralph Vaughn Williams, Ennio Morricone, Fritz Kreisler, Sting, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Charlie's works comprise a wide variety of original instrumental tunes, backed by sequencer accompaniment which fuse a New Age/blues/jazz/celtic feel. The dream of playing was cut short in 1981 due to an accident which badly injured his left arm, one which, to quote the doctors, meant that he would never play again. He pursued other interests which took him to Bourbon Street, San Francisco, and Central America, employed as a construction worker, dishwasher, cook, waiter, Maitre 'D, bartender, bar owner, restaurant manager, and high school teacher of Spanish. In 1998 he decided to test the doctors' original prognosis and pursue the "first love" again. He put together 10 tunes, and in November of 2000, Charlie "debuted" at the Artisan Inn balcony for the Deland Fall Festival of the Arts in Deland, Florida. He is currently refining his material and hopes someday to replace sequencer parts with live musicians. A CD should be available by November 2001.


Website: http://www.charliegear.com


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