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Envious Moth
(formerly Casual Folklor)


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Members:  Tony Cuchetti (vocals/rhythm guitar)
 Chris Cuchetti (Bass)
Rodney Durrough (lead/rhythm
guitar),, James Rafford (Saxophone),, and Chris Blais (drums/backing vocals).

Contact: Tony Cuchetti at: (386) 428-6078,
or James Rafford at: (386) 734-5888.

Short History: Casual Folklor was put together a year and half ago by front man Tony Cuchetti and co-writer Chad Holsclaw (long time friend). They have spent the last year gigging and completing their debut CD “Little Mary”. All songs are original compositions with a wide variety of feels.

Bands Philosophy: Casual Folkor’s motto is “Come as you are”. Sticking to the old
school mentality of pure music without a lot of doctoring. Music with a lot of soul and
feel. Back to the basics.

What you can expect from the band: An all original unique sound with alternative
rock, funk and soul mix.

Influences: Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Otis Redding, Parliament, AWB, Frank Zappa, Tool, Al DiMeola, and Blood Sweat and Tears to name just a few.

Kudos: At the recent first annual Songwriters Showcase of America (a regional
organization out of Daytona Beach, FL in support of all local bands and musicians) 2001 Awards Show, Casual Foklor won for “Best Performance by a Band” and lead guitarist, Rodney Durrough, won for “Best Guitarist in a Band”.





New Smyrna Beach, FL







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