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Award Recipients will be announced at 7PM this Saturday Oct 8th at the DeLand Original Music Festival. ClLICK BELOW TO ORDER TICKETS


1. Songwriter of the Year

Amy Steinberg info
Brad Payne info
Clay Jackson
Dan Walters info
David Milam info
Logan Belle info
Matt MacKelcan info
Melinda Campbell info

2. Song of the Year

fireflight - Call info
Jenna - Different For Me info
Matt MacKelcan - Hold On info
Mel & the Chronics - What I`m Ready For info
No One from Nowhere - Pain info 
Shak Nasti - Circles info
Shawn Fisher - City Lights info
Stephany - Walk Away info

3. Band of the Year

Alston Info

Sonic Playground  info

Mohave info The Wynn Brothers Band info
Shak Nasti info The Picture Show info
Snackdaddy info Weszt info

4. Duo of the Year

Acousticon Brad Sayre & David Simmons info Shawn James & James Amber info
Bill & Eli info Sheryl Paige info
Gailforce info Troubled Children Info
Luke Bailey and his Ukulele, & Tony Macaluso Info ZE BOND ROCKS info

5. Female Solo Act of the Year

Amy Steinberg info Jenna info
Cori Cochrane info Mecca Nism info
Elizabeth Roth Info Shawn James info
Lisa Firestone Info Tori Sparks info

6. Male Solo Act of the Year

Brad Payne info Mark Chiriboga
Charlie Gear info Matt MacKelcan info
Jeremy Mix info Michael Barry info
Lawrence App info Shawn Fisher info

7. Most Unique Style of the Year

Amy Steinberg info
Marc Zouhar
Mecca Nism and her Rusty Tears info
Mohave info
Orlando Rock Band info
The S.E.A.D. info
The Transfers
Troubled Children info

8. Recording Artist of the Year

AcoustiCon info Lawrence App info
Dan Walters info Shak Nasti info
Mel & the Chronics info STICKSHIFT CADILLAC info
Mohave info Weszt info

9. Creative Writer of the Year

Amy Steinberg info
Bing Futch info
Jeremy Mix info
Matt MacKelcan info
Mecca Nism info
Michael Barry
Tim Turner-Shak Nasti info

10. Female Vocalist of the Year

Amy Steinberg info TORI SPARKS
Cori Cochrane info Shadow Pearson of Songs For Fey
Dawn Futch Richardson-fireflight info Shawn James info
Melinda Campbell info Tina Gordon info

11. Male Vocalist of the Year

Erik Winger info Logan Belle info
Jon Murphy - info Jeremy Mix info
Tim Turner Matt MacKelcan info
LAWRENCE APP info Robert Furgal Jrinfo 

12. Vocal Group of the Year

Gailforce info Snackdaddy info
Left of Gray info Sonic Playground info
Level Seven The Picture Show info

13. Lyricist of the Year

Amy Steinberg info David Milam info
Brad Payne info Matt MacKelcan info
Dan Gribbin info Robert Furgal Jr.info 
Dan Walters info Terry Kelly info

14. Touring Act of the Year

Amy Steinberg info Jeremy Mix info
Alston info PRC-77 info
Brad Payne info TORI SPARKS info
Josh Brookoff Sonic Playground info

15. CD of the Year from a Band

AcoustiCon - GaWaNi Pony Boy info Left of Gray - Left of Gray info
fireflight - On the Subject of Moving Forward info Mel & the Chronics - Chronicles info
FUNKUS - FREE info Mohave -  Clear Blue Trickling info
Invisible Ink - Moving On info Shak Nasti - From The Belly info

16. CD of the Year from a Solo Artist

Brad Payne- Acoustic Storm info Lawrence App - Dark Into Light info
Charlie Gear - The Burning Man info Shawn Fisher - Identity info
David Milam - Livin Out My Dream info Stephen Grayce - Looking For Light - info
Josh Brookoff - ESP for Dummies Tori Sparks - River + Roads info

17. Band Front Person of the Year

Bing Futch - Mohave info Matt MacKelcan - Matt MacKelcan Band info
Casey Phenuf - Take Notice info Ms. Mecca Nism - Mecca Nism and her Rusty Tears info
Dawn Futch Richardson - fireflight info Shadow Pearson - Songs For Fey
Matt Carver - PRC-77 info

Weszt - Weszt info

18. Emotional Song of the Year

David Milam - They Might Be Gone Tomorrow info Stephany - Walk Away info
Invisible Ink - To Be Like You info Stephen Grayce - "Quiet Please" info
Janna - Memories Vs. Me info Tony Diana - Picture of You
No one from Nowhere - Pain info  TORI SPARKS - RED LETTER DAY info

19. Love Song of the Year

Dan Gribbin - Little Piece of Heaven info Mel & the Chronics - Love Will Drive Us Home
David Milam - Home is Just Another Name for You info Orlando Rock Band - "I Found You" info
Left of Gray - Ballerina info Serina Jung - Something to Hold On To
Matt MacKelcan - Everything info Stephany - Close To You info

20. Spiritual Song of the Year

Angel Isaacs - Chariot of Dust info Orlando Rock Band - "O, Sweet Angel of Death" info
LAWRENCE APP - "Like Sunshine" info Pete Woj - Light Me Up info
Mohave - Positive Vibes info The S.E.A.D. - Carry me Home info
Monica Rabino and All Who Wander - Remember info Tina Gordon - I`m Not Worthy info

21. Profound or Poetic Song of the Year

Brad Payne - Lost Fish info LAWRENCE APP - "Dreaming" info
David Milam - Man in the Mirror info Mecca Nism and her Rusty Tears - Sleeping with the Fishes
FUNKUS - Name That Show info Mel & the Chronics - Waiting For a Sign info
Dan Gribbin - Looked for You info Shak Nasti - Monster info

22. Comical Song of the Year

Bastard Sons of Bob Dylan - Donald Trump`s Hair info ISREAL "Is*real" The Pied Piper - Brown Sugar
Brad Payne - LezBe Friends info Josh Sherman - All My Lifeinfo
Cadillac Recipe - Easy Bacon info Luke Bailey and his Ukulele - The Manatee Song
Dan Gribbin - Reckon I Do info Mohave - Floatin` Wally info

23. Narrative Song of the Year (tells a story)

Bastard Sons of Bob Dylan - False Eyelashes info FUNKUS - Smiley Garcia featuring Tom Constanten of the Grateful Dead 
Bill & Eli - Nightwind and Ben info Invisible Ink - Turn another Page info
Dan Gribbin - Five-Mile Mountain info Left of Gray - Caught Up In You info
David Milam - Livin Out My Dream info No one from Nowhere - Spare Change info 

24. Melodic Song of the Year

Jenna - - Different For Me Pete Woj - Light Me Up info
Left of Gray - Ballerina info Stephany - Walk Away info
Mel & the Chronics - What I`m Ready For info The S.E.A.D. - Shoofly Pie info
Orlando Rock Band - "I Found You" info Tony Diana - Everytime

25. Political or Patriotic Song of the Year

Bluesgotus - Let the River run Free info Josh Sherman - What You Wanted info
funkus - Everybody`s Right info No Harm Done - Proud info
Fylo Zoet - Celebrating Independence info PRC-77 - "Safe at Home" info
Invisible Ink - U.S.A. info Tony Diana - Picture of You info

26. Multi Instrumentalist of the Year

Brad Payne info
Carl Immeke- One Sun
Clay Jackson info
Doug Halper info
Florizel of Mecca Nism and her Rusty Tears
Fylo Zoet info

Michael Barryinfo

27. Guitarist or Bassist of the Year

Brad Sayre info Mark Chiriboga
Dave Whittaker - the S.E.A.D. info Sean Ghannam - Sonic Playground
JAMES AMBER info Teague Stefan - The Teague Stefan Band info
LAWRENCE APP Shawn Foster info

28. Drummer/Percusionist of the Year

Alex Guinn - Take Notice Pierre Sensebe - Cadillac Recipe
JD Fosse - Mohave info Rachel Turner - ZE BOND ROCKS info
Joe Ingrao - SUPER VEE info Rion Smith - Shak Nasti info
John Hales - Left of Gray info Tommy Cantwell - No Harm Done info

29. Pianist/Keyboardist of the Year

Amy Steinberg info Marc Zouhar info
Dan Walters info Mark Moore info
Geoffery Weeks - The S.E.A.D.info Shadow Pearson - Songs For Fey info

30. Instrumental Writer or Group of the Year

AcoustiCon info Mark Moore info
Charlie Gear info Orion Starbirth info
Doug Halper info Shawn Foster info
Mark Chiriboga The S.E.A.D. info

31. Video Viewers Choice

Dominc Gaudious info Sheryl Page info
ISREAL"Is*real" The Pied Piper info Snackdaddy info
Jaffe info TraceyLand info
Shawn James info US info

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