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Time Flies when your having RUM!





The Acoustic
Garden Stages

Alphabet District)

Village Lantern


(* Kenny's Castaways has been





Was Held On September 26th-30th, 2012
Over 130 acts performing at 24 or more Stages
Celebrating the SSA's 13th Year Anniversary

The event is held  Bi-Annually



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To inquire about submitting to perform at the festival send email HERE
Please include audio weblink or file.

Will Hanza-
Rock, New York City www.willhanza.com 
Broken Darling- Folk Rock, Bridgewater, NJ (5) www.soundcloud.com/brokendarling
Jazz Patrol- Contemporary Jazz, NYC www.jazzpatrol.com

Dancing Goats- Groove Rock,  Bound Brook NJ, (BAND/8) http://www.dancinggoatsband.com 
Fellaheen- Americana, New York City (band-5) http://www.fellaheen.com 
Sons of Kaspar-
Rock Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ www.soundcloud.com/sons-of-kaspar

Still The Vizitors- Blues Rock, New York City BAND 4 www.myspace.com/stillthevizitors 
 The Fire Electric- Electro Pop Brooklyn http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/thefireelectric

WONDERBREED- alternative, Brooklyn www.facebook.com/wonderbreedmusic
 The Flurries- Melodic Rock'n'Roll,  Beacon, NY The Flurries

Dan Knishkowy- folk, Brooklyn http://danknishkowy.bandcamp.com/ 
Glitter Freeze- synth rock pop,  Williamsburgh, Brooklyn www.glitterfreezemusic.com
Wine Teeth- Indie  Brooklyn Folk http://www.facebook.com/Wineteethmusic

Frank Viele- Funk/Blues/Acoustic/Rock  New Haven, CT frankvielemusic.com
Starchild and the Dust- rock/folk Philadelphia www.StarchildandtheDust.com
Danielle Austin- Indie Blues/Folk, NYC www.danielleaustinmusic.com

Tom Keller- Progressive Acoustic, Greenwich, NY http://www.reverbnation.com/tomkellermusic 
Pictures Of Home- Rock, New York City www.picturesofhome.net

Sara Phillips- pop/rock New York City www.youtube.com/saraphillipsmusic 
Trails To Town- Rock, Jamband, (5) NYC, Astoria http://trailstotown.com/
Cool Papa Bell- Rock, NYC www.cpbband.com
Chuck Starr- R&B, Pop,  New York www.reverbnation.com/chuckstarr2
Weathered Sol-
Blues/Rock/Folk, Middletown http://www.reverbnation.com/weatheredsol  
Paul Sforza- Pop/rock singer/songwriter,  New York www.paulsforza.com
Dear Ashton-
Electro Pop,  Austin, TX http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXYW34v8xm0
Scott Perratti- Acoustic Rock, New Fairfield, Ct www.Scottperratti.com 
Little Luci- Jazz-Rock, New York City http://soundcloud.com/little-luci

Elephants Gerald- Folk-Americana, Baltimore (DUO) www.elephants-gerald.com
Charles Compo- World Fusion Jazz,  NYC www.charlescompo.com
Ana Scent- Pop, New York, www.anascent.com
Flora Midwood- Americana- New York http://www.myspace.com/floramidwood
Christina Holmes- acoustic rock, Narragansett, RI www.facebook.com/cholmesmusic

Stroamata- Rock, Brooklyn www.stroamata.com 
 Birthday Cake- Alternative Hip-Hop, Funk (2) www.bdaycake.tumblr.com 
The LoveHowl- Blues-Rock, Brooklyn www.facebook.com/thelovehowl
Mark Chiriboga-Rock/Blues/Jazz, Day Bch Mark Chiriboga

Single Red Cent- rock, punk, New York www.singleredcent.com
Ramzi- acoustic folk-rock NYC http://www.ramziguitar.com 
EBON GRACE- soulful funk & groove, New York City www.EbonGrace.com

Kosmic Daydream- The Neo-Psychedelic Experience, Englewood NJ www.kosmicdaydream
Dark Cave Therapy- Progressive, eclectic instrumental rock, Montclair ,NJ darkcavetherapy.wix.com
Live Hart- Alternative Soul, Orlando,FL www.livehartonline.com 
Mike Rydock- alternative folk Middletown, PA (solo) www.myspace.com/mikerydock

Novakaine- Rock and Blues with a twist of Reggae, Wash. DC http://sonicbids.com/mikenovak
MotorBoat- Rock, Hoboken (4) http://soundcloud.com/motorboatrocks/sets/motorboat/ 
Break Past Reason- Alternative/Indie-  Dix Hills, NY (4)  www.facebook.com/breakpastreason 
The Pluto Moons- electro, garage, Brooklyn www.theplutomoons.bandcamp.com/ 
Matt Scuteri- Singer-Songwriter/Rock,  Englishtown, NJ http://www.reverbnation.com/mattscuteri

Radio NOIR- nu jazz/dissident swing, New York www.reverbnation.com/radionoir 
The Dead Marys- Rock, Bergenfield, NJ www.thedeadmarys.com
Sam Ben-Meir- Jazz/Blues  New York City http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN_bFOzdS8o

The Dry Town Drifters- Country, Saratoga Springs, NY https://www.facebook.com/drytowndrifters 
Greg Sover-
rock, blues, Philadelphia,
BAND-3PIECE www.gregsover.com 
John Enghauser- Acoustic Rock-New York, www.johnenghauser.com
Lyndol- pop jazz, Brooklyn www.myspace.com/lyndoldescant
Vocalion- rock/blues Astoria www.reverbnation.com/vocalion

Tommy Filiault Band- Original Rock, Northampton Mass (4)  www.tommyfmusic.com 

Big Charlie's Rubber Band- Soft Rock, Portland, CT www.facebook.com/WhatsTheMather
Kevin Burgess Project- Rock Boston www.kevinburgessproject.com 
Dave Alexander- acoustic americana pop rock, Daytona Beach www.reverbnation.com/davealexander 
Hudson Delta- Poppy folk rock, NYC www.Myspace.com/zoniestoo 
Precious Bones- www.preciousbones.com

The Luna Laval- indie rock, New Brunswick, NJ www.thelunalaval.com 
Anthony Scuderi- Chamber Rock, Brooklyn (3-6) www.Anthonyscuderi.com
EgoAndTheAddicts- Rock/Soul, NYC www.EgoRocksOut.com
The Grasping Straws- Post-Grunge, New York www.TheGraspingStraws.com
Paradox9- Funky Retro Pop! NY www.reverbnation.com/paradox9music 

Raised By Wolves- Folk/Pop, (5) New York  www.whitneywolfmusic.com
Signal For Pilot- Alt. Rock/Electronic,  Long Island www.facebook.com/signalforpilot 
John Clark & Christian Ystrom- Folk-Rock, Tampa http://www.reverbnation.com/johnclarkthebakeract

The Matt Jameson Band- 'alt-country garage-pop'  Brooklyn www.JAMESONBAND.COM
FAME-  Folk Rock,  Asbury Park http://www.facebook.com/famenj
Lizzie Blazquez-
dance pop electro, Miami, www.lizzieblazquez.com

The Laughing Heart- Roots Rock/Americana, NYC www.thelaughingheart.net

Soul Kitchen Collective- Indie, Washington, DC (band 4) www.skcband.com 
Carl Banks- Funk-tinged roots rock NYC www.reverbnation.com/carlbanksmusic
Kuki- indie, folk, rock New York www.myspace.com/sadhak
Little Luci-
Jazz-Rock, New York City http://soundcloud.com/little-luci
Real Time- contemporary jazz fusion, New York www.realtimejazzmusic.com
Nanci Hobson- folk/rock, Plymouth MA (DUO) www.reverbnation.com/nancihobso
Ranson Bandit- Folksy southern rock, Washington DC www.ransonbandit.com 
Pindhurst Farms- alternative rock Long Island http://www.pindhurstfarms.tumblr.com 
Dividing Face- Hard Rock and Blues, Richmond, VA (4) www.facebook.com/DividingFace
Erika Lundahl-
Folk, Ithaca, New York http://lafango.com/bendwithchange 

MaryBeth Schroeder- singer-songwriter, New York http://marybethschroeder.bandcamp.com
Red Stefan- Folk,Neo, Reggae New York City www.redstefan.com 
Lauren Lee- jazz, Brooklyn, NY www.facebook.com/laurenleejazz
Mehdi Hamdad- Alternative Folk-Funk, Ottawa/NYC  www.mehdicayenneclub.bandcamp.com

Polaroid Rage- Alternative, Baltimore (4) http://polaroidrage.com/ 
Natalie Berm udez- Acoustic Pop w/a hint of Soul Vineland, NJ http://www.reverbnation.com/nataliebermudez
Erin Powers Band- indie alternative, Rensselaer NY www.reverbnation.com/warriorwoman 
 David Shane Smith- Post Pop, New York www.davidshanesmith.com

Woodland Ave.- Rock, Philadelphia, BAND-3 www.woodlandave.net  
Suki Rae- Original jazz/world New York City http://www.sukiatry.com
Eric Holguin- New York, NY www.reverbnation.com/ericmusic
Dubbudz- Rock, NJ http://www.reverbnation.com/defamed
Josh We Know- Acoustic, DeLand, FL Josh We Know
Rich Campanella &The Sunrise Band- Rock/Blues or just Rock Clifton,NJ (3) www.youtube.com/

Phoebe Novack- Indie Folk, Washongton DC http://www.youtube.com/

Moth To Flame Jazz- Jazz  NYC www.facebook.com/mothtoflamejazz
Harrison Nida- alternative rock, Manhattan http://www.reverbnation.com/harrisonnida 
Allie Marie- Folk, Baltimore www.reverbnation.com/turnuptheamp
Sabrina Seidman and Derek Toa- Blues Boston www.sabrinaseidman.com

DIVERSITY THEORY- Hard Rock,  Lincroft, NJ www.myspace.com/diversitytheory

Alyx Ann- Country pop, Deptford, NJ www.facebook.com/AlyxAnn
 Zaina- R&B,  New York/Washington DC www.zainamusic.com
Tisha- Hip-Hop, New Jersey www.latishadivenuto.com  

The Small Print- Rock, Bayonne, NJ http://www.reverbnation.com/thesmallprintbay1
Charter Oaks- Acoustic/Folk Simsbury,CT https://www.facebook.com/
Felecity and Fire aka Little Lissy- pop/rock, Deltona, FL www.facebook.com/felecityfire 
Fylo Zoet- Folk,Goth, Daytona Beach, FL www.fylozoet.com















































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